How much does a website cost in dubai?

Every time the clients asked the question from the web development agency is: What will be the cost to build a new website in Dubai, UAE?

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In the same way, someone find my website online and ask me how much does it cost to build a new website, mostly are from dubai. The best answer is in the same way is that, which PC is best P4, Core2Duo, Core i3, i5 or i7. Someone answer me that core i7 is the best beacuse it has better performance that others.

In the same the website cost depends on hosting, designing and development. The web design price starts from AED.1000 in which you will get hosting and basic 1 Page simple website in 2 days. The website development cost is starting from minimum AED 4,000 in dubai. The basic ecommerce website charges starts from AED.5,000 in which you will get the domain, hosting and designing.

The average cost of website design for small business is AED.1000. Its the best quote for the small business. You must need website to promote you business. So, If you need website development services in UAE please let us know via phone call or email.

do you know what is website development cost in dubai

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Starting charges for a new website development in dubai

Different Charges of web designing features

The initial charges to build a website in dubai is AED.2,000 with best hosting server and domain registration. The website cost per month is depends on monthly hosting, monthly website maintenance.

We have different web design packages especially for dubai companies. We are providing best web design at affordable prices in dubai. Once you contact with us at +971547720901 for web development cost we give you best quote if you are in dubai. So, if you need affordable web design services in dubai, call us now.

How much to charge for website design and maintenance?

The website design and maintenance charges are AED.500 for the single page in dubai. The website changes that we will do are adding contact form, changing address, slider, product pictures etc. We give quick support to our customers because we are reupted company and have name in field.

How to Calculate web development Budget:

The important features that affects the price for the web development in dubai. I already list out the point now I breifly explain how they affect on cost of website:


The no. of pages and the website content with images, videos and products.

Web banners:

Web banners takes time because its graphic designing work. So as more web banners are required also the price will increase according to requirements.


Of course sliders are the main feature in the website design so the banners also increase the cost of website design.

Images in website

No of images that used in the website page also varies the website Approximate Budget so please make sure how many images you need in the website.

No of Products

Products are also important in the website and the no of products will also increase or decrease website package pricing so firstly count how many products you need in the website and make a products folder in your PC and add all products in it so you will come to know how many products you want in your website.

Contact Form

Web design charges also depends on contact forms in website because in the website design and web development both takes time. Contact form is most important for the Company website. The customers will contact with the company using contact form to send email and looking for the response from the Company. In addition, if you need custom forms like customize product, size, color and height. So you need custom forms for the User-friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website

There are a lot of variables that change the price of a website in Dubai. Yes, mobile friendly website has different packages and for the desktop website its cost is different. The decision is yours to find the best charges for the website design and development in dubai.

Domain Registration

Hummm! Domain registration is the difficult decision to register the name of your business. There are a lot of online website that offer domain registration and website booking website. We provide you best rates from the market.

Hosting Server

The website design need some online space that is called hosting server. So, you must need hosting server for your website to make it live for the whole world. There are different charges for the hosting servers according to the disk space, CPU, Bandwidth, Email Accounts and many more. It all changes the website design and hosting server cost in dubai. So, according to your website size you need some hosting server with affordable prices.


SSL is also increase Budget for your website in dubai. You know, SSL is good for your website because it provides security to your website.

Google Maps Integration

Google maps integration performs good overview to your website visitors. For the integration the web design agency charge the price that also affects your budget for your website in dubai, If you need it, Don’t worry about it. We have different website plans in which we offer free google map integration.

How to Calculate web development Budget?

We use different frameworks and latest technology to build your new website in duabi – UAE

Approximate Wesite Budget (AED) in Dubai, UAE

Website costs vary according to website technology and features you need in website. The Approximate website development Budget (AED) is 3,000 in which you will get domain & hosting.

Web Design cost in dubai depend on these factors in which No of pages, Web banners, Sliders, Images in website pages, No of products, Contact form, Mobile friendly website, Domain registration, Hosting server, SSL, Google Maps Integration all these are included.

Web designing budget depends on the nature of website. In which we are providing ecommerce solutions, CMS, blogging website, startup based website and many more. If you need ecommerce website the price starts from AED 5,000. CMS website cost start from AED 6,000 and dynamic website plan starts from AED 7,000.

Get the best website pricing with the best services from web design company. Get some of expectations from website designing agency in UAE. The Performance of the Website depends on the content (Images, Videos) and also web hosting cost matter for the resources.

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